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Welcome to Little Law Office. I’m Steve Little and you’re here, I suppose, because either you were hurt on the job or you’re dealing with some other disability that keeps you from working. Either you’re just starting the process and you’re looking for a little advice or you’ve already gotten in over your head and you’re looking for someone to help you. Well, either way, you’ve come to the right place. It’s much easier to help you avoid trouble than it is to pull you out once you’re struggling. Any lifeguard will tell you that it’s easier to post a few signs telling swimmers where the riptide is than it is to swim out and save them. I limit my practice to workers compensation and Social Security Disability.

If you want someone to adopt your dog or divorce your cat, you’re in the wrong place. I can help you with applications, hearings and appeals. Best of all, I speak plain English. I can help you understand what you’re dealing with in language you can understand. If you have any questions about a workers compensation or Social Security Disability issue, call or email me today. Putting it off isn’t going to help. The initial consultation is free and usually takes only thirty minutes or so.